A Little About Us . . .


Our current members are from Central and Northern Nova Scotia. We recently had a member join us from Southern New Brunswick. Truro is the location for our regular rehearsals which average twice monthly.  We are always looking for new members so if you enjoy making music and having fun, please consider joining our orchestral family.   For more information please contact us at   info@caledonianorchestra.com 


  • To encourage the development of a Classical Scottish Orchestra.
  • To rehearse, research and perform for the public, music which is primarily, though not exclusively, representative of Scottish heritage.
  • To establish a unique and identifiable manner of performance. 
  • To encourage the participation of both adult and younger members  of the community. 
  • To encourage the participation of like-minded organizations within local and more distant communities.​​

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Past Performances

​The Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia has had the privilege of performing  with many talented vocalists, musicians and dancers.  They have included the following:

Rita and Mary Rankin; Mary Jane Lamond; Ardith and Jennifer (Celtic Harpists); Majavi, Stephanie Turnbull (Celtic Dancer); Take Note; The Antigonish Gaelic Choir; Ted Rhodes (Tenor) with Margot Rumley;  Helen Adams (Soprano) with Margot Rumley;   The Thistle Scottish Dancers; The Scotia Country Dancers and John Ferguson. We have also provided the music for dinner and dancing at the Saint Andrew's Scottish Festival in Halifax.  Most recently we  played at The Festival of the Tartans in New Glasgow with local Scottish Dancers under the direction of  Brenda MacKay.

Benefit concerts have been performed by the Orchestra with proceeds going to the Colchester and Pictou Food Banks; St. Luke's Church in Upper Tantallon; The Colchester Historical Museum; Pictou United Church and Camp Kidston.

Charter Members 

​Peter Dunn - Director   Diane Bezanson             Sheila Cameron              Duncan Fraser              Jenny Gilmore               Virginia Kinsman           Tanya MacKay               Robert MacNeil             Sheila Mills                      Carol Robertson           Ryan Ross                       Kristin Skibstud   

The Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia was formed in 1993​ and has evolved into a performance oriented group of musicians dedicated to the promotion of traditional  Scottish music.   Our  Scottish Orchestra has a sound  distinctive  to the culture of Scotland following the musical compositions and style of William Marshall, Neil Gow,     ​ J. Scott Skinner and other composers of this time.  The harmonies, timing and tempo all reflect a style of music, unique to a country where history was determined not only by events, but through a developed awareness  of dance and song.  Scottish music is unique and strives to capture the essence of its people and culture.   The type of tunes we play and the use of instruments such as accordions and flutes  help to establish and promote the true "Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Sound".